Blog 2.0: Reboot

Hello World

Today roughly marks a year and two months on the road. Travel is wonderful, and I ony wish I had started earlier. But I can’t get over the nagging need for productivity. It’s too easy to play tourist; to explore, exchange, consume – I need to produce.

There’s a young coder who stands out when browsing the tech blogs: Alex Maccaw. I’ve curiously followed his path as he similarly took a round-the-world trip, but managed his travel with amazing streaks of productivity: a book on coffeescript, numerous blog posts, code snippets, and eventually a job at Stripe. It’s inspiring to watch, and quite motivational, to say the least.

Traveling yields a multitude of thoughts, and my Trello is now an overflowing notepad of todo’s, mini-projects, and startup ideas. They pile upon each other, smothering in disuse.

So I’ve decided to reboot my blog, tweaking the classic Octopress design, and taking inspiration from Medium, to build a more thorough notepad. To explore mini-projects. Share code. Hacks. Entertain proof of concepts.

Let’s see what happens.